Telepsychiatry is a great tool for our clinic and our patients. We are able to extend our reach, and provide a convenient way for patients to obtain psychiatric care. We will still need to see patients in person for an evaluation if medications are to be prescribed. We can accomplish a new patient evaluation via telepsychiatry for diagnostic purposes, for referral to our interventional treatments such as TMS, IV ketamine, and Spravato, and for determining treatment/medication options. However, prior to dispensing prescriptions, patients will need to be seen in-office for at least a 20 minute evaluation, which can be done at their convenience.

Telepsychiatry is frequently used for follow-up evaluations as well. It allows us to see our patients more frequently when needed, and decrease the need for time consuming travel to and from our office during a busy work week.

Telepsychiatry is billable to all insurances, just as if patients were seen in-office. Co-payments, co-insurances, and deductibles apply. Self-pay psychiatry rates apply for those without insurance.

To be scheduled for a telepsychiatry evaluation, patients can utilize the online scheduling tools on this website to self-schedule, or patients can call our office directly. After being scheduled for the telepsychiatry evaluation you will be provided with a link via email to download/register for the application, called “Chiron Health”. After the app is downloaded you will need to log on to the app in advance of the appointment to complete registration. You will need to enter a credit card payment to complete registration, which will be used to collect any co-payments required. You will be allowed to enter the virtual waiting room within 15 minutes of your appointment time. The provider will start the appointment when you are both logged in and ready. At that time, the evaluation commences as if you were in the same room. A link to log-in, and to download the app is provided on this webpage.

Patients we be required to be seen in office periodically, depending on the clinical circumstances. The requirements for in-office appointments can be discussed with your provider during your appointment, but with the use of telepsychiatry, we are able to provide a significant convenience factor. There are a variety of ways that we utilize telepsychiatry at Pacific Psychiatric. For any questions regarding telepsychiatry contact our office.

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