Telepsychiatry is a great tool for our clinic and for our patients. We are able to extend our reach throughout the state of California, and provide a convenient way for patients to obtain psychiatric care, especially in the midst of the current Coronavirus pandemic.  It allows for our patients to be seen from the safety of their own home, which eliminates the risk of exposure to viral infection for both patients and our providers.  In fact our clinic has recently converted 100% of all psychiatric appointments to telemedicine to help reduce unnecessary exposures to COVID-19 to help flatten the curve and get the world out of this situation sooner than later. 

Through telemedicine, we can accomplish new patient and follow-up psychiatric evaluations, psychotherapy sessions, and consultations for referral into our interventional treatments such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), IV ketamine infusions, and Spravato treatments.  Telepsychiatry is billable to all insurances, just as if patients were seen in-office. Co-payments, co-insurances, and deductibles apply. Self-pay psychiatry rates apply for those without insurance.

To be scheduled for a telepsychiatry evaluation, patients must contact our office directly via our website, email, or by phone.  Our helpful staff will assist with the process of getting set up with your appointment.  There are two steps that you will need to complete to be ready for your appointment:

  1. Register for our clinic’s patient portal, called “OnPatient,” where you will need to “check-in” to your appointment to sign consent forms and answer some medical history questions.  You will get an email with a link to register for OnPatient when you are booking your appointment with our staff.  Follow this link to complete registration.
  2. Register for your account for our telemedicine platform called “Chiron Health.”  You will get an email with a link for you to follow to Chiron Health.  Follow this link and you will enter your demographics and a credit card so proper payment can be collected for your evaluations.  

Please complete both the above steps completely as soon as possible so you will be ready to go when the appointment day and time is here.  On the day of your scheduled telemedicine appointment, please log in 15 minutes in advance of your scheduled time to allow time for troubleshooting and to keep on schedule.

Chiron Health Telepsychiatry App