Integrative Medicine Consultations & Treatments

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is a unique approach to health that encompasses the whole person including mind, body, and spirit. The integrative approach is a great compliment to traditional mental health care, as many underlying nutritional and genetic deficits can contribute to disease.  Through a comprehensive assessment, laboratory evaluation, and genetic analysis, we can better pinpoint deficits on an individual basis and customize treatments specifically tailored for you.

Who is a candidate for integrative medicine?

Anyone who is looking to gain a deeper understanding of their health, treat the root cause of an illness, or seek out hidden factors that may be contributing to disease is a good candidate for integrative medicine.  If you want to explore options other than medications and are looking to learn how to use lifestyle modifications to change your health, integrative medicine is a great option for you.

What is the process to get started?

  • In order to get started on your integrative wellness journey, call Pacific Psychiatry & Anesthesia Associate’s office to arrange your comprehensive evaluation.

  • As this service is uniquely tailored for you, your provider who has been trained in integrative medicine and psychiatry will thoroughly complete an intake and devise a plan for testing and treatment modalities

  • Your initial visit will include your hour-long evaluation and labs maybe ordered.  A follow up appointment will be scheduled to review results and implement your treatment plan.

Below is a letter from our integrative medicine specialist, Lauren Marchefka, FNP-BC, to patients who are interested in integrative medicine?

Integrative Medicine Letter