Career Opportunities

*Update February 2022*
Our Center is currently looking for a mid-level practitioner or physician to join the team to provide intramuscular ketamine therapy. We are looking for someone to take over IM ketamine treatments one day per week, plus provide coverage when Drs. Jake and Jessica are not able to be in the clinic. We would train the person in-house. It would be a part-time, employed position. There are no specific requirements above California state licensure, but we are looking for the right fit from a professional and and personal perspective.

Though looking to expand over time as conditions permit, we’re still a small, family-owned and operated clinic, offering committed and conscientious clinicians the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge interventional and integrative treatments.

Whether you’re a new grad or a more experienced clinician looking for a better way to practice, we’re all about balance and quality of life. With a mix of psychiatric medication management, procedures, and protected admin time, we can offer a rewarding, stimulating, long-term career. Come grow with us!

If you are interested, please contact the clinic via email and attach a current CV. We look forward to meeting you!