Rafael Ramos, Psychiatric Physician Assistant

Rafael Ramos - Psychiatric Physicians Assitant

Rafael Ramos was born and raised in the Greater Los Angeles area. He completed his undergraduate studies at UC San Diego and later obtained his Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies from DeSales University in Pennsylvania. Rafael cultivated his experience in the fields of primary care and mental health while working with the inner city communities of Los Angeles County.

Since returning to San Diego, Rafael has focused on providing quality psychiatric care to those who suffer from a variety of mental health ailments including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, addiction, eating disorders and trauma. Rafael believes that the best results can be achieved by having a cooperative relationship between the patient and the clinician. At Pacific Psych, his focus is on medication management while incorporating TMS and ketamine therapy when appropriate. Rafael is also a proponent of including therapy based treatment and will provide referrals when needed.